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Oh hello! 

I think you might NEED this. 

Maybe that's just my 8 years of potty training consulting (with families around the world) talking.


But, this is the stuff I can get real nerdy about.

So....I figured if this is the sort of stuff I can make small talk about, but you're over there stressing on how to Google out of your potty training situation..

....maybe I should throw you a rope and get you out of that sinkhole before you're neck-deep in *potty training disasters (*no specifics needed, you get the picture.) 

Enter the Potty Training Cheatsheets

from a mom who worked with Jen:

I remember trying to potty train my daughter and she was frantic, and distraught, and really in a bad desperate place.


I remember how scary that felt and how horrible I felt for her that she was so scared.


We are not in that place anymore. It is so good. She is fine. She doesn’t have accidents. She lets her pee go. She lets her poop go. She’s proud. 


All your responses were helpful for me. You helped us get to a better place. And I’m so grateful for that. 

- Megan

There’s endless noise online about potty training.

I help you potty train the child
in front of you.

Ready to potty train?
You're in the right place.

Option 1: Potty training tips
Want tips for night time potty training? 
The biggest mistake you (might) be making with praise.
Wondering why your toddler refuses to sit on the potty?
Option 2: Instant support when you start...and get STUCK


That mom telling you…just wait till your child is older and it’ll be easy

She’s experienced potty training as a parent, maybe a few times (TOPS). 


Why not look to the potty training solutions that have helped families by the thousands.

(Psst: Ive helped more than 2,000+ parents in this course alone!)

Hello! I'm Jen L'Italien. I'm a mama based in Maine, and I run Oh Crap Potty Training From ME To You.

Or were you looking for...

one-on-one help

Option 3: Work with me!
Want to hop on a phone call, FaceTime, or Zoom call? Go from that forever frantic direction of what do I do here?...
to getting  YOUR potty training questions answered by
a certified Oh Crap Potty Training consult

Come right in to my potty training office! 

potty training guides

from a potty training travel guide to what to know for nap and night time training, find the resources you need by topic in my potty training guides

I want to hear from you!

How confident are you feeling about potty training your toddler?
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