Potty Training Solutions

Get instant, lifetime access to solutions for the common issues that trip up many parents when they jump into potty training. This course is for parents who are about to start potty training. This course is for parents hitting potty resistance, when your child refuses to sit on the potty in the early days of potty training.

Oh Crap! How to Potty Train with Daycare + Preschool

BRAND NEW! Jamie and I collaborated on this course that's packed with what you need to know to get your toddler back to daycare/preschool as a newly potty trained superstar.

We cover everything, from what to ask ahead of time, what to pack, scripts for prepping your child and a massive troubleshooting section. Accidents? Withholding? Resisting? We've got you covered.



Basic Phone Chat Plan ($50)
Need some quick support and feedback to assess what's happening? In this 30-minute phone consultation, I recommend the methods to use for your potty training issue (you fill out an email questionnaire before we chat so I have a background on your potty training issue). Read this first on what to expect with timing (and what happens after you purchase a consultation). 
The Basic Phone Plan is a great option if you're dealing with potty regressions, have questions on night training, your child won't self-initiate to pee, or you feel unsure how to start potty training. Note: this plan is not a good option for a poop issue which requires more time to talk through solutions. This plan is a phone call only — no plan or email support is included.


1 Hour Phone Consultation ($120)
Let's team up and work through whatever potty training issue you're seeing with your toddler. This plan includes phone time plus followup support. I do my own initial intake of questions before the first call. After the call, I email you a customized detailed plan to guide you on how to move forward with potty training your child. 
Then you have 2 additional exchanges of advice (using email or voice memos) whenever questions come up or you feel stuck. Read this first on what to expect with timing (and what happens after you purchase a consultation.) 


The Need-A-Boost Plan ($80)

Have we worked together and you’re feeling stuck again in your potty training journey? Maybe the potty training issue turned out to be bigger than you thought.


This consultation is ONLY for parents I’ve worked with before, in a previous phone consultation or through the forum. 


The Need-A-Boost plan includes one 45-minute phone call, plus 6 exchanges of advice with me over email or voice memos. 



2-Week Membership, ($75)
Let me be your personal ask-me-anything on potty training! Sign up for a membership in my online forum, and you can ask any questions about your potty training journey (and I'll respond with advice within 24 hours.) 
Read this first for how it all works!
You'll also have instant access to thousands of posts from other forum members so you can see what's worked for other parents, too.