No matter where you live, find support through the challenges of teaching your toddler to use the potty.
Potty Training Solutions:
The Course for Getting's here!
The Video Course that's like an Oh Crap Part 2
Full Course: $45

Each of the 5 sections includes short video lessons, which you can easily breeze through when you have 10 minutes to listen. After working with hundreds of clients all around the country and across the world, I've found these are the common things that trip up most parents when they jump into potty training. I packaged all the solutions together in one affordable course on Teachable. Perfect course for parents who are about to start potty training or feel stuck in block one, early into potty training. Perfect for the parents struggling to prompt their child, hitting resistance, since it's easier to hear those solutions than work in the forum. There's a 30-day refund policy included — I feel that confident you'll find the course to be full of tools for supporting your toddler in those early days of potty training. 

Pick up the phone (or chat over Skype) and ask away any questions you have in potty training. By the end of the call, I'll give you a plan for what to do.
Phone Consultations
1 Hour Phone Consultation Package ($120)
broken down into 2 calls (though sometimes it's just one hourlong call, depending on the case) and includes 3 emails of advice. The first email is a customized lengthy plan for you and then you have 2 additional emails for responding to any follow-up questions that come up. Read this handy guide on what to expect with timing (and what happens after you purchase a consultation.) 

Basic Phone Chat Plan ($50)

one 30-minute phone consultation where I talk you through a potty action plan (you will fill out an email questionnaire before we chat).

Read this handy guide on what to expect with timing (and what happens after you purchase a consultation). 

Online Potty Training Forum

We'll work one-on-one in the forum, and you'll also have access to all my posts and threads shared by families going through the potty training process. 

2 Weeks Access to Online Forum ($75)
Read this handy guide on what to expect with timing (and what happens after you purchase the consultation.) Purchase below through Paypal. 

The Need-A-Boost Plan ($80)

Have we worked together and you’re feeling stuck again in your potty training journey? Maybe the poop issue hasn’t resolved. Maybe you’re seeing a regression. Maybe we worked together in the forum, and you’d like a phone chat to talk through the potty resistance you’re seeing. Maybe you opted for the Basic Phone Plan, but then the potty issue turned out to be bigger than you thought. This consultation is ONLY for parents I’ve worked with before, either through a past phone consultation or the online forum. Here’s a chance to get back on track! The Need-A-Boost plan includes one 45-minute phone call, plus 6 exchanges of advice with me over email. If email is not your jam, you can share your updates and questions through a voice memo or video message. I’m flexible!   

1 Month Access to Online Forum ($125)
Read this handy guide on what to expect with timing (and what happens after you purchase the consultation.) Purchase below through Paypal. 

By purchasing access to the Online Potty Training Forum or purchasing a Phone Consultation at any level, you acknowledge that you agree to our Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer, and Privacy Policy. After you have completed your purchase through Paypal, you'll receive a welcome email with information to get you logged onto the forum. If you purchased

membership to the forum, your membership begins when you start posting — you can start anytime. Check the Services page for more details on how it works — you'll be working one-on-one with me in the forum to move you through the potty training process and answer any questions. 

potty training consultant
More Details on Phone Consultations
Sign up for the 1 Hour Phone Consultation plan. I will be doing my own initial intake of questions in the first call to assess where you are and develop a plan (so don't think of it as a leisurely phone chat about your potty training experience, as my goal is to efficiently figure out what's happening with your child.) The calls will include 3 follow-up emails to share important details, and make it easy on you. That way, you don't need to scramble to take notes during our calls. Once you purchase the phone consultation package, it typically takes 24 hours to find an agreed-upon time for our first call. 
For those who want to chat on the phone, rather than exchange posts on the forum, (where you need to write out responses to my questions),  there's the basic phone consultation plan.
For $50, you get one 30-minute phone call with me where I'll set you up with a plan of action for moving forward with potty training. This consultation does *not* include the in-depth emails you get with the 1-Hour Consultation. But it's a great option if you're dealing with potty regressions, have questions on night training, or feel unsure how to start potty training. **Note: this consultation is not a good option if your child is having a poop issue which will require more time to solve.