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Potty Training Services

Online Forum


Join the online forum where you'll work one-on-one with me. You can post as many questions as you like as they come up, and you'll receive responses from me within 24 hours. You'll also benefit from seeing the questions and dialogues of other parents in the forum going through the process just like you. 

Phone Sessions


Would you prefer to simply pick up the phone, ask your questions and get answers and a plan for how to potty train your child? Then set up a phone consultation where we'll work together to get you on track with potty training. With my 1-Hour Phone Consultation and More Time + Support plans, you'll also receive a detailed written guide. And with those consultations, I am reachable by email (or we can exchange voice memos in the app Voxer) when you have concerns or questions and want feedback. I also have a 30-minute call option for quick questions. 

“As a Mother’s Group, we have gained so much from Jen’s expertise during her talks with our community. Her fun and sensible approach to potty training is refreshing, and her wealth of knowledge in dealing with bumps along the way still proves to be incredibly useful for so many of our members. We can’t thank her enough!”

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Online Courses
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Potty Training Solutions

Whether you're about to start potty training, or you started potty training and got stuck — this is the course to get you unstuck. This video course focuses on what I've found trips up most parents when they start potty training — with solutions for how to move forward. 

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This course is your potty training blueprint for how to send your diaper-free toddler back to daycare or preschool, brand new to potty training. And what if there are accidents? What about potty resistance? The solutions are all here! We packed this course with checklists, written guides, and video lessons by Jamie to walk you through exactly what you should be doing.

Speaker Sessions

Would you like me to talk to your moms group, daycare, library, or preschool for a potty training workshop? We can set up a Zoom speaker session where I walk your group through the how-to for potty training and offer a Q&A to answer questions from your group. Typical speaker sessions last 90 minutes to 2 hours and evening times (post-bedtime) are possible. I'm happy to focus the workshop on a specific topic (like potty training with daycare, potty training multiples) to meet interest. The speaker session includes printables that can be shared with your members and special coupon discounts to my potty training courses. If interested in a speaker session, contact me for rates and availability for setting up a potty training workshop. . 


Advocate punishment of any kind

Oh Crap Potty Training does not advocate punishment of any kind, or shaming your child into using the potty

Offer medical advice

I'm not a doctor or medical practitioner. So I cannot offer any kind of medical or psychological advice on your child. 

Have the power to change your daycare's rules on diapers

Daycares and potty training sometimes don't line up. I will help you make a plan for potty training your child, while honoring the rules of your daycare. 

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