here's what people are saying..

"I do believe she is on her way. I also feel much more confident in the whole process. And I wouldn't have been in this much better head space without you.

Thank you!!"
- Kelly

"This has been a process, but I do feel different. But having the encouragement and talking through all the steps? Totally helpful. Thank you for identifying the most effective way to help me, while also offering effective advice for all of us."

- Katie

Twins are double the EVERYTHING, including the diaper chore. We seemed to run up against all of the challenges, just not necessarily with the same kid. Jen took the time to listen to our obstacles with each child and helped us address them individually, instead of giving us a one plan fits all approach. Her compassionate support and guidance were invaluable in freeing us from dual diaper duty. We could not have survived potty training without her! 

- Elizabeth

"Jen was incredible and I can't think of anything in our potty journey that was more helpful. Having an expert as well as a neutral third party was absolutely essential to me.
She was reassuring, wise, empathetic, and encouraging. It can be hard to follow advice from an outsider on the topic of something as personal and challenging as potty training, but if you place your trust in her, she will truly come through for you!"
- Sarah
"I came upon Oh Crap Potty Training when going through a very difficult time potty training my 5-year-old son.
I had a lot of extra difficulties as my son has autism and is non verbal. I had been working with my Paediatrician for almost a year and while my son was trained for wees he was constantly soiling his pants and was unable to do a bowel movement on the toilet.
Jen worked with me on a one-to-one basis to help my son become fully trained. It took a while but on following Jen's advice we had great success and now my son is fully trained.
I cannot recommend Jen enough."
- Nicola
"Jen helped us SO much with one major potty issue we were having, which caused others. Everything was going well with potty training, until I took our 26 month old to the dentist. He was terrified of the seat, and connected it to all big toilets (including the one at his preschool), refusing to go on them. Then he started having accidents, and we felt we were really going backward.
Jen asked all the right questions to understand our situation deeply. She put up with my constant emails of updates and questions, and always responded in a timely fashion. Then we realized our troubles had turned to poop.
Jen again meticulously questioned what was happening to see if we could notice a pattern and find out what was causing these new poop accidents.
Once she was able to help us look at it through the right lens, we realized it was not behavioral, but fear-based (of pooping in the potty.)
I would recommend her support to anyone with any variety of potty issues. She really knows her stuff, and never once made me feel stupid for asking too many questions, or annoying for posting messages with too much information."  
- Liz
On the course Potty Training Solutions:
"I was planning on setting up a session — and still might if our son continues to only poop in his nighttime diaper — but wanted to let you know that after taking your e-course, I was able to really turn things around. 
After a derailing day of resistance, I did the e-course, and everything got right on track. Now he will even accept "okay, it's time to pee before dinner," and is slowly getting pretty used to it all.
Thank you! - Tamar
"We aren't battling about the potty
and we trust her again and everyone is getting along. Amazing overnight change!
We feel like not only do we have our daytime potty-trained kid back, but she's even more reliable than before.
So thank you thank you many times over, what seemed like small changes really helped us click back immediately to the good situation we had going before this bump in the road."
- Rebecca