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In my work, I've been seeing higher levels of pee and poop withholding patterns, intense separation anxiety at school/daycare, and unusual patterns related to the potty in reaction to all the stress in the air.


If you have a situation that's intense, this is a bigger, longer plan for us to have the one-on-one time for me to help guide you through digging in to resolve it. 

This bigger plan gives you:

  • 2 hours of phone time with me (broken up into 2 or more calls)

  • plus a detailed written guide

  • plus 12 shares of advice (over email or we can exchange voice memos through the walkie-talkie app Voxer.)  

In your welcome email, you'll be linked to my scheduling app. Read this first on what to expect with timing (and what happens after you purchase a consultation).

*Now booking the week of October 2nd.

More Time + Support Plan, $395

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