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Your Go-To Guide to Nap and Night Time Potty Training

This nighttime potty training guide shares resources for how to drop night diapers for your toddler. And with potty training and nap time, how and when to drop the nap diapers. Plus find the supplies you need for ditching diapers at night and what bedtime stories will help make bedtime a smidge easier. 

toddler bed

how to time the transition out of the crib 

Does it help to have a toddler bed when your child starts naps diaper-free and overnight potty training? Is it best to time the crib-to-bed move before or after you start potty training at night?  

sleeping emoji

what do you need for overnight potty training?

Before you ditch the overnight diapers or pull-ups, find out what supplies help prep you for potty training at night.

moon in the night sky

how to know when to

drop the night diapers

Are there signs to help you time dropping the night pull-ups? Yes! Tips on timing potty training at night.

bunny night light for toddler's room

10 steps to set up for potty training at night

Overnight is a long time to go without a diaper, so what helps set you up for success with overnight potty training? And what are night potty training tips to look ahead to dropping the night diapers? Supplies and tips right here. 

toddler pajamas for night training

Consider the pajamas 

when you start

potty training at night

When you're looking ahead to potty training at night time, you want to consider the style of those toddler pajamas. You'll want to say goodbye to onesies and footie pajamas and say hello to separates for overnight potty training. These kid pajamas are one of our favorites (come in many colors). Or nightgowns are another great option for night training. 

I Will Take A Nap book cover and NAPS spelled in wooden letters

How to drop

the nap diapers

Can you drop the nap diapers but stick with the night diapers? What supplies do you need to set up for dropping the nap diapers? What should your toddler wear to bed? More support right here

Find out how to Layer the Toddler Bed, Better

Jamie's Night Training course logo

Oh Crap Potty Training
Night Training course

Jamie's night training course goes in-depth beyond what's in her book, Oh Crap Potty Training, to share ways to set up for overnight potty training success. 

Is overnight potty training really necessary?

Jamie shares whether you really need to start potty training at night by a certain age and why.

What if your child gets a bottle at bedtime? 

Jamie shares how and why to drop the bedtime bottle to set up for night time potty training success

What if your child is pooping in nap or nighttime diapers?

Is it okay if your child is pooping in their nap or night diapers after you start potty training? If you get stuck, she has a complete Pooping Solutions course (here's my affiliate link on discount).

favorite bedtime stories for your toddler

Lights-Out Leonard book cover

Lights-Out Leonard

In this picture book, you learn about a common problem...not liking bedtime because there's clearly a monster hiding in the bedroom, and how Leonard finds a way to sleep again. 

The Going to Bed Book cover

The Going To Bed Book

From the author of Moo, Baa, La La La comes this silly book that walks through all the going to bed routines. 

Why Do I Have to Go to Bed book cover

Why do I have to go to bed?

The question frequently asked by toddlers makes this lift-the-flap book a winner. lift-the-flap book includes answers on why we need sleep, where we sleep, and how to prepare for sleep. 

Moon Jumpers book cover

the moon jumpers

We got hooked on this old picture book about the moon with sweet illustrations that celebrate ways children connect with nature. 

Time to Sleep Sheep the Sheep book cover

Time to Sleep Sheep the Sheep

Mo Willems does it again with this cute rhyming children's book where a cat says good

night to her friends. 

How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night book cover

How do dinosaurs say good night?

For kids who are dinosaur fans, this good-night book shares different types of  dinosaurs saying good night while squeezing into bedrooms.

What is the Moon book cover

What is the moon?

A lift-the-flap book that answers why's about the moon as a starting look at the wonder behind the moon (like what makes it shine?).

I Want To Sleep Under the Stars book cover

I want to sleep under the stars!

Mo Willems shares a story of the unlimited squirrels doing funny things, like shouting *peace and quiet* to encourage sleeping. 

night time toilet training

how to drop 

diapers at night

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