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Your Complete Potty Training Poop Guide

This potty training poop guide shares resources for how to stop pooping in pull-ups and what helps your child poop in the potty. Plus find:

  • the foods that help your child poop

  • potty training praise that helps the process

  • favorite potty training poop books 


And all your potty training poop tips in one guide! 

pins that say High Fives and Super Duper

how to praise without adding pressure to poop

Often when I'm working with parents in a consultation, I hear a kind of praise that can actually add to performance anxiety to poop in the potty. 


what foods can help poop potty training problems

Toddlers can be picky eaters who like their routine snacks. But certain foods will help your child poop easier which helps in the early days of poop potty training with potty training constipation. 

toddler walking in rain

why potty training may look like a mess

Sharing 5 common reasons why potty training may look like a mess, including the importance of getting back outside and movement.  

child covering eyes with resistance

privacy and other poop potty training tricks

The small stuff matters when you're learning a big new skill with pooping in the potty. Here are 5 tricks to help your toddler poop in the potty.

alarm clock

What if the timing of your child's poops is in the nap diapers or night pull-ups?

Sometimes a toddler will start pooping in their nap diapers or pooping in the night pull-ups. Is that okay? Sometimes the solution is nap and night time potty trainingYou can also check out this Oh Crap Potty Training podcast by Jamie with more on sleep diaper poops. 

pegboard that says Don't Panic

what if your toddler refuses

to sit on the potty?

It's pretty tough to poop on the potty if you're not sitting on the potty. Sometimes parents start potty training and their toddler refuses to sit on the potty for poop or pee.  

Jamie's Pooping Solutions course logo

Jamie Glowacki's Pooping Solutions Course

Jamie's Pooping Solutions course goes in-depth beyond what's in her book, Oh Crap Potty Training, to share all of the poop plans we see help with poop potty training success. Learn how to break out of the cycles of constipation and withholding.

peek inside Everyone Poops book

Squat Over Sitting + other poop potty training tips 

Jamie shares more about the positions to poop, squat or sit, and how some toddlers only want to stand to poop

One trick to help with a toddler not wiping well

What if you're seeing signs of your toddler forgetting to wipe or not wiping well after pooping? Here's one simple trick that can help. 

Let's Talk About Poop

What is the toddler Poop Fix and what if you're seeing your child struggle to poop in the potty? Jamie shares the baseline must-knows on poop in her Poop Series

favorite potty books about poop
for your toddler

The Gas We Pass potty book cover

First come farts, then come poops. There's an illustrated chart on anatomy to help kids understand what's happening inside the body. 

Everyone Poops book cover

This classic poop book normalizes that everyone poops on the potty, in a good squat position.

What Is Poop book cover

You'll likely learn something for this poop potty training book that is entertaining to read with its lift-to-flap design.

The Poop Song book cover

The Poop Song

A simple, silly book that lightens the talk around pooping in the potty. 

person jumping in the air
Who Pooped game
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