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Transition your Toddler to
Potty Training at Daycare or Preschool

Of all the potty training problems I hear as an Oh Crap Potty Training consultant, one of the toughest challenges for parents is potty training for daycare and making sure a child is considered potty trained for preschool.


When I'm working with parents about to begin potty training, here are some common worries I hear about daycare or preschool:



preschool backpack

alert: potty training daycare 

must-have skill

Before your child heads back to toddler daycare or preschool (diaper-free) make sure your little one can push down their pants!

The Pigeon Has to GO To School book

what to find out about the preschool bathroom

Be prepared for your toddler being back at preschool or toddler daycare diaper-free. Find out the school potty training policy.

toilet and rubber ducky

is your toddler potty trained at home but not at daycare?

Sometimes toddlers have a mild performance anxiety around using a new bathroom or toilet. Normalize using bathrooms outside your home

Golden Reminder for toddlers who won't go to the potty at daycare 


If your child is NOT solid with potty training at home:

Don't have the expectation that your toddler will be instantly solid at daycare.

When there's potty resistance, often toddlers need to first feel comfortable at home BEFORE feeling okay with using daycare's bathrooms. Especially when it comes to potty training and poop anxiety.

Good Reads for Toddlers in Preschool

Ninja Potty Break book cover

Ninja Potty Break

My all-time favorite potty training book for normalizing using public bathrooms with the flushing toilets (like a potty ninja, yeah!).

Gotta Go, Buffalo book cover

Gotta Go, Buffalo

Adorable lift-the-flap book that shares silly ways to make goodbyes more fun at daycare dropoff or your toddler's preschool 

I Can Do It book cover

I Can Do It!

When your toddler is heading to daycare or preschool diaper-free, you want them practicing the fastening skills to dress themselves from zippers to buttons.

First Day Critter Jitters book cover

First Day Critter Jitters

A picture book to talk through first days of school, where everyone gets the first day jitters with all the new. 

Starting School picture book

Starting School

In this shine-a-light picture book, you can hold a flashlight up to see all the action of a school day — from picking out an outfit to fun in the playground at recess

Best Behavior book cover

Best Behavior

This rhyming picture book shows a cast of animal characters learning how to be kind and sharing with others at school and home — from wakeup to bedtime

The Invisible String book cover

The Invisible String

The message behind this picture book (written by a single mom whose child was having a tough time with daycare drop-offs) is so sweet. We're connected with our loved ones even when we can't see each other. 

Mind Your Manners book cover

Mind Your Manners

Animals show reminders for being a sharing, friend with better manners, even at quiet times at school in this beautifully illustrated book.

one simple gadget to help with pee accidents

seeing pee accidents
at daycare?

If your toddler won't tell the teacher when they need to potty, or your toddler is refusing to sit on the daycare potty to pee, here's one trick we found can be helpful.

candy M&Ms rewards

Do potty training rewards help?

What to consider before you jump into rewards when you begin potty training your toddler. And here 10 reasons not to use rewards in potty training your toddler

public bathroom stall

the big transition

Jamie talks about common transitions your child will go through and solutions that help kids through big and small transitions. 

soccer goal on field

setting boundaries

“The tricky thing about boundaries is that kids will keep moving them.” - Jamie Glowacki

Let's Look at Why Potty Training May Not Be Working at Daycare or Preschool

Jamie has a parenting book out, Oh Crap I Have a Toddler that shares how to be a more conscious parent to toddlers, dealing with all the challenging behavior that comes up at this age. 
What we know: When you understand your toddler's behavior, it's easier to prep your child for being back at preschool or toddler daycare, diaper-free. 

thoughtful mom


What to consider when potty training is not working and you're hearing back from your toddler's daycare that their daycare potty training policy includes diapers after seeing any accidents. 

preschool classroom


Preschools and potty training and why you don't want to wait too long to begin potty training. It will be a big step for your child to use the preschool bathroom!

number baby blocks


If you feel like potty training is not working, it helps to know how many accidents are normal

potty training daycare and preschool

what if your toddler refuses to sit on the daycare potty?

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