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 What every parent needs to know about (common) potty training problems.


You researched, prepared, and started out that first morning knowing potty training can be hard.


You just weren’t expecting it to be THIS hard. 


For some parents, their hard looks like cleaning up poop accidents.

Again and again.

Or endless laundry — and lost sleep — with overnight accidents after dropping the nighttime diapers.

Others feel lost watching their toddler hold their pee (for SO LONG).

Parents waiting (and hoping) to see a poop through their toddler’s panic. 


Or common potty training resistance can pop in. When your toddler will NOT sit on any potty.

Total refusal. 

No matter the ask.

No matter the reward.

Does this sound familiar? Oh, you are so in the right place! 


That’s where I come in! Oh Crap Potty Training certified consultant to parents just like you.

when you're struggling with potty training,

I've got your back!


looking for a potty training consultant?

I’m Jen, and I specialize in helping toddler parents through the hard adventures in potty training.


It can be quite the ride for some families.


As a potty training coach, I bring 7 years of experience, helping thousands of families through these common potty training problems. From Alaska to Australia, I’ve worked with parents worldwide. (Thank you, Zoom.) 

I'm certified as an Oh Crap Potty Training consultant. 

I'm a mama to two sweet kids, and we call Maine home.


See the play on ME with my business name....

Oh Crap Potty Training From ME To You...since I'm based in Maine. 


My connection to media and press mentions started with my own byline...

as I worked for a decade as a magazine editor for titles like Real Simple and Redbook.

Now in my potty training era, I’ve been featured by media including Parents magazine, the Washington Post, CNN Underscored, and the Huffington Post.


I’ve held the speaker stage for moms’ groups, childcare centers, and libraries in potty training workshops to get parents started.


more ways to get help


I’m also the author of the course Potty Training Solutions. That’s a course I created after fielding messages from parents who found themselves stuck with their child bare-bummed in block one of Oh Crap Potty Training…and seeing NO progress using the potty.

Psst: It’s now helped more than 2,000 parents! 


"Thank you so much for your support through this.


It’s definitely made me feel reassured and improved my mental health.


I have family and friends who have children between 3-6 that are not potty trained so I felt the need to really focus on this as early as possible.


Also, a lot of people say that boys are harder to train and take longer. Reading a couple books on the topic I know that’s not a fact. 


I’m just glad I didn’t give up during the Christmas break when someone made a comment about trying with boys at 3. Or their son was trained in a weekend around 3.  My husband saw that I was going a little nuts a couple weeks ago, and he asked me to reach out for professional help for this.


You helped me chill out and just let him understand his body and do the communication about using the toilet."       

- Rabia

  • Can we talk today?
    It’s unlikely you’ll find a spot in my calendar on the same day (wait time is typically a few days to a week.) However, for parents who book this plan, there’s the option to start with the followup shares of advice over Voxer. That way you can start to get feedback while waiting for our scheduled phone time.
  • Does it have to be a phone call? (and what if I'm international?)
    The scheduled phone time can be over the phone, Facetime, or many parents opt for Zoom calls (especially if you’re international.) It’s your choice!
  • I booked through your site and didn’t get taken to your calendar. Where is my scheduling link?
    Ah yes, see above this FAQ for a little step-by-step timeline of how this works. The scheduling link gets shared in an email that’s manually sent by yours truly. And since I’m only human, depending on the time of day or what’s happening that day, it could be hours before you receive that welcome email. If you think our emails are not playing nice or it’s been a while and you haven’t seen anything in your inbox, feel free to reach out to check in: jen@ohcrappottytrainingmetoyou dot com.
  • Can I text you questions for my follow-up shares of advice?
    I do not work over text. (Keep in mind I’m a Gen Xer so my thumbs are truly not trained to speed type.) But I’m happy to field questions in Voxer which you can use in a similar fashion to texting with the added bonus of hearing each other’s voices in short voice memos you can play back.
  • I sent you a question over Voxer one hour ago. When will you respond?
    The shares of advice are not real-time support (I’m just one human so I can’t be in all places at the same time.) When you reach out with questions over email or Voxer, I work to respond within 24 hours — short of being sick, traveling, vacations.
  • I have more questions, how do I reach out?
    Absolutely, right this way.


Would you like to work with me? Let's connect!

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