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Potty Training Pants and Toddler Underwear

Your toddler dressing themselves is key to seeing potty training with pants come together. But there's more to it than simply your toddler putting on pants. What about toilet training underwear? What if you're night training and wondering about overnight potty training underwear? Let's talk potty training undies and potty training pants in this complete guide. 


potty training underwear for newly potty trained toddlers

The potty training underwear you want to look for are cloth training pants - they are the best! With cloth training pants, there's an extra fabric layer in the front to absorb dribbles. And that's helpful for newly potty trained toddlers and for when you drop the nap and night time diapers, too. 


how to help your child conquer the pants

Beat the clock with this stopwatch kit that includes fun challenges to make pants practice more fun. More tips on how to help your toddler conquer the pants right here. 


when should you introduce toddler underwear?

Before you jump into potty training underpants with your diaper-free child, consider these tips for timing the transition to potty training undies just right.


how to help your toddler get the pants down

Potty training tips on how to help your toddler do their pants (in time for a pee in the potty!) and what to consider with language.


psst..Want to add some fun to learning this skill?

We love the song Put Your Pants on, by Mil's Trills. 

Do you feel stuck with your child bare-bummed in Block One? 

Here are solutions for how to add in pants if you're seeing toddler resistance or lots of accidents once you add in pants (also known as Block Two in the process of Oh Crap Potty Training). This course helps you move forward in the early days of potty training (and get back outside!)


How to foster independence in your child?

Jamie shares a podcast episodes on independence — covering everything from helping your child learn to dress themselves (and why those life skills are so important!) to reconsidering how sippy cups and pouches can be a convenience that works against the autonomy you're looking to spark in your child. 

picture books to help your child getting dressed


Still Stuck

This picture book makes me laugh each time. The illustrations and text share how getting dressed and undressed can truly get tricky for toddlers.


Monster's New Undies

Monster needs to find the undies that are just right in this book, and when he does he loves them with all of his heart.


Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed

Mo Willems does it again with this super cute book that will bring on the giggles about getting dressed.

Screen Shot 2022-12-16 at 10.32.21 PM.jpeg

Why should I get dressed?

This lift-the-flap book shares lots of outfits along with inspiration for why getting dressed is fun.  


Underpants for Ants

Phonics meets potty training in this rhyming story of chilly ants getting handmade underpants. 



rhyming book about underwear that's sure to make the kiddos laugh. 


Vegetables in Underwear

Vegetables in underwear show off all the kinds of possibilities for underwear, except for baby veggies that are sad to hear they can't wear potty training undies yet. 


Polar Bear's Underwear

This amusing book has your toddler guessing who each funny pair of underwear is for, until polar bear finally find the perfect pair of underpants for him. 

potty training pants

and the best toddler underwear

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