books we love

Oh Crap Potty Training

Jamie Glowacki's bestselling book guides you through how to teach your child to use the potty..pee and poop, day and night, so your toddler is solidly potty trained.


How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen

This parenting book helped me rethink how I speak to my kids — for the better. It's filled with parenting tools, language, and advice on talking to little kids, ages 2- to 7-years-old. Also helpful for navigating through sibling rivalry.


Your Two-Year-Old, Your Three-Year-Old

Simple, easy-to-read guides by age of what your child is developmentally going through year to year. Recommended to me by a Montessori teacher and my favorite books to follow along on understanding my children's development.


The Montessori Toddler

This practical guide shares easy ways to bring Montessori ideas to your home, so you can support your toddler's natural desire to be more independent. Bonus: the more the child is set up to do things themselves, the less whining you tend to hear.


Oh Crap! I Have a Toddler

Jamie talks you through understanding and dealing with toddler behavior in her second parenting book. Plus, the essentials for creating a toddler environment where your child thrives and you experience the joys of parenting. 


For teaching your child to dress indep:

I Can Do It

My favorite new book for teaching toddlers important skills in getting dressed and ready all by themselves! From buttons and snaps to zippers and tying shoelaces, this book has sweet illustrations combined with the real deal zippers, snaps, and laces for practice. 


For helping your child release:


We could all use another tool in helping kids settle down (especially toddlers in those early days of sitting on the potty)! We have been using Alphabreaths as a meditative start to the morning. The illustrations are fantastic and kids learn playful ways to breathe. 


Book of the Month:

How Big is Our Baby

This picture book gives soon-to-be siblings a glimpse into what's happening as the baby grows each month (comparing the baby's size to something familiar, like an egg.) The book also helps to prepare the child and calm fears, about the big changes coming. 


Book of the Month:

What Color Am I?

When your child is holding and not letting go, it helps to bring in water (natural release). This cute bath book magically changes color for toddlers to see in the bath or add some calm fun to potty time. 

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The Gas We Pass

This book does it all — makes kids laugh (see fart bubbles floating in a bathtub, hilarious!) AND gives kids an illustrated visual of what's happening inside their body. A must-have for any kiddo struggling with poop.


Time to Pee

Mo Willems created more than the beloved Pigeon and Elephant and Piggie books...he also created one of my favorite potty books, to go over what to do when it's Time to Pee. psst: Or you could get the book as a more pee-friendly board book!


What Is Poop

My hands-down favorite book for chatting with your kiddo about poop, normalizing *poop*, keeping it fun...all which helps a child feel more comfortable with pooping on the potty.


Where's Potty ?

A simple potty book for helping toddlers learn how there's a potty everywhere they go. 


Ninja Potty Break

Worried about your toddler feeling safe around new toilets? This potty book speaks to the girl being a brave ninja and shows her conquering a potty break in a new bathroom. I love how it shows illustrations of public bathroom stalls, too.


Goldilocks + the Just Right Potty

This potty book is adorable! Goldilocks finds the just right potty and underwear for her. Also talks through an accident and Goldilocks connecting with the feeling of I Have to Go Pee.


Jonathan James + the Whatif Monster

The whatifs that a child feels with big transitions can lead to wonky behavior and resistance (toddlers don't love new things). Here's a toddler book to start chats about any whatifs to make them feel a little less scary.