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So you want an expert to spill the potty beans on how to work through a potty training problem…

$50 for a 30-minute call

Do you feel in the dark about how to find that got-it click in potty training?

Sometimes all you want is to figure out *what's going on here* with your child.

There’s no Magic 8 ball for potty training (or kids for that matter).
But as a potty
training consultant, I can spot patterns.

It’s part of my potty training superpowers from having worked with thousands of families over the years.

I can share how potty training problems typically shake out— and what are options that do work.  


Sidenote: I used to live in New York for many years, so I can talk fast and pack a lot into those 30 minutes (if I do say so myself). My goal is to get straight to sharing the paths forward in whatever potty situation you find yourself in. 


And I’m sure you have questions!


This plan is perfect for parents who check off any of these boxes...


You’re working through night time potty training and want to see dry beds (and less sleep-deprived nights) ASAP.

You started potty training, and your child suddenly has an aversion to sitting on that harmless-looking Baby Bjorn mini potty. (Forget toilets.) You don’t know what went wrong.

Your kid was solid, a potty champ. And then suddenly you’re dealing with multiple pee accidents a day (and a loud resistance to using the potty).

You’re unsure if it’s a small problem or a big problem, and you want an expert take on it.

Result of working with Jen:

"Just wanted to let you know that all your advice HAS WORKED and we are down to ZERO night wakeups. He’s holding it all night and waking to pee at 6am on his own. I can’t believe we went from two wakes to no wakes in just a week!"


Can you change the day-to-day (or night-to-night) experience you’re having in potty training your child?

Yes, you CAN.

By understanding why there’s a problem, you can bring in solutions that work. 

I offer potty training help that answers your questions. Because sometimes Google doesn’t have the answers.

All for the price of a pack of nighttime pullups.

What about poop problems?


Here’s the deal for this Basic Phone Plan. Poop issues are complex and parents typically need more time and follow-up support (see door number two, the 1 Hour Phone Consultation.)


Sometimes, parents don’t even realize they’ve stepped into a poop problem, as the poop can affect the pee in sneaky ways.


See what I mean about complex?


I’m always happy to chat with parents in the Basic Phone Plan as a starting point. For a poop problem, I can give you an overview of the poop plans and answer questions. But I wouldn’t be able to go into the nitty-gritty of a poop problem in a 30-minute call.


Another great resource would be Jamie's Pooping Solutions course — and then parents ask me their personal questions on the poop plans on the call! 

Keep in mind: I often book out a few days to a week in advance. So get started to grab a spot on my calendar!

How does this work? It’s simple, here goes!

Step One

Book this plan.

*Make sure your Paypal email address is the right one for me to contact you. Or send me an email with the best contact email to use!

Step Two

Keep an eye on your inbox where you'll receive your welcome email. That’s where you’ll find a scheduling link to book the call. This is a manually sent email so it may be a few hours. 

Step Three

Book your call on my calendar. Answer questions from my welcome email. By knowing the background on your potty training situation, I can jump right in with solutions on our call.

Efficiency rocks.

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