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Need some quick support and feedback to assess what's happening? In this 30-minute phone consultation, I recommend the methods to use for your potty training issue.

This consultation is not geared toward pooping issues. For poop problems, I would recommend 
Jamie's Pooping Solutions course as a first line of support, or book a phone consultation with more time as it's not possible to cram what works for poop into 30 minutes.


If you take the Pooping Solutions course and have follow-up questions, you're welcome to book this call with me once you understand the poop plans. But if you haven't taken the poop course, this is not a good fit for months of poop accidents or intense poop withholding. Those are bigger issues that need more time to understand what's going on. 

The Basic Phone Plan is a great option for potty regressions, questions on night training, for the child who won't self-initiate to pee, or if you want a roadmap on how to start potty training. Note: This plan is a phone call only — no plan or email support is included.

Read this first on what to expect and what happens after you purchase a consultation). In your welcome email, you'll be linked to my scheduling app.

*Booking the week of December 4th

Basic Phone Plan, $50

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