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You’re sending out an SOS for how to work through your potty training problems…

$160, includes one-hour phone call, a detail written guide + two follow-up shares of advice

Do you want to work through potty training with an expert on your team? 

Sometimes the key is all in the planning. But even the most-prepped parents can see total resistance or feel lost wondering why their child is peeing (or pooping) in the wrong spot.

With this plan, we can put together all the pieces that go into getting your child to feel comfortable (and start initiating) peeing and pooping in the potty. Or staying dry all through the night. 

Noteworthy: this is my most popular plan!


This plan is a Goldilocks fit for parents when…

You're working through a poop issue of any variety (anxiety to poop in the potty, pooping in the pants, constipation.)

You're dealing with potty training problems that have been going on for many weeks or months.

You're looking for the complete package — including notes to reference and scripts that are helpful to use in potty training. 

You want follow-up support to be able to ask questions as you move along in the process.


Here’s what you get with the 1 Hour Phone Consultation…

scheduled call

One hour of phone time (which can be on a regular phone call, a Facetime call, or a Zoom call — your choice!). This phone time can also be broken up into two calls.

follow-up shares

of advice

Two follow-up shares of advice. You can use anytime. How do you reach out for advice? 


One option is you can reach out to me with your questions/updates over email.

Second option: we can jam back and forth on the walkie-talkie app Voxer. There we can share voice memos to talk through what you’re seeing with your child.

written guide

A detailed written guide to share notes on what we talked through and share additional resources for your potty training journey.


Printables to help you be on your way. Get those fridge magnets ready!

Keep in mind: I often book out a few days to a week in advance. So get started to grab a spot on my calendar!

How does this work? It's simple, here goes...

Step One

Book this plan.

*Make sure your Paypal email address is the right one for me to contact you. Or send me an email with the best contact email to use!

Step Two

Keep an eye on your inbox where you'll receive your welcome email. That’s where you’ll find a scheduling link to book the call. This is a manually sent email so it may be a few hours. 

Step Three

Book your call on my calendar. Answer questions from my welcome email. By knowing the background on your potty training situation, I can jump right in with solutions on our call.

 Efficiency rocks.

  • Can we talk today?
    It’s unlikely you’ll find a spot in my calendar on the same day (wait time is typically a few days to a week.) However, for parents who book this plan, there’s the option to start with the followup shares of advice over Voxer. That way you can start to get feedback while waiting for our scheduled phone time.
  • Does it have to be a phone call? (and what if I'm international?)
    The scheduled phone time can be over the phone, Facetime, or many parents opt for Zoom calls (especially if you’re international.) It’s your choice!
  • I booked through your site and didn’t get taken to your calendar. Where is my scheduling link?
    Ah yes, see above this FAQ for a little step-by-step timeline of how this works. The scheduling link gets shared in an email that’s manually sent by yours truly. And since I’m only human, depending on the time of day or what’s happening that day, it could be hours before you receive that welcome email. If you think our emails are not playing nice or it’s been a while and you haven’t seen anything in your inbox, feel free to reach out to check in: jen@ohcrappottytrainingmetoyou dot com.
  • Can I text you questions for my follow-up shares of advice?
    I do not work over text. (Keep in mind I’m a Gen Xer so my thumbs are truly not trained to speed type.) But I’m happy to field questions in Voxer which you can use in a similar fashion to texting with the added bonus of hearing each other’s voices in short voice memos you can play back.
  • I sent you a question over Voxer one hour ago. When will you respond?
    The shares of advice are not real-time support (I’m just one human so I can’t be in all places at the same time.) When you reach out with questions over email or Voxer, I work to respond within 24 hours — short of being sick, traveling, vacations.
  • I have more questions, how do I reach out?
    Absolutely, right this way.

Result of working with Jen:

“To anyone struggling with potty training, I highly recommend getting help from Jen. It was worth every penny."

- Erin

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