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The Travel Guide:
potty training on the go

How do you handle car trips, long road trips, and travel while potty training? Now that your toddler is diaper-free, what are tips for flying with your toddler or swimming with your toddler in a pool (with the risk of accidents!).


What if you haven't started potty training and you have a vacation coming up — how do you time potty training around an upcoming trip?

Here's your ultimate guide to traveling while potty training!


car travel while

potty training


potty training and

long-distance travel

Boy at beach_edited.png

potty training at the beach or pool 


swim diaper

There are situations where the risk of an accident (poop in the pool!) means you'll want to bring a swim diaper for your toddler.


folding potty seat

Here's a travel potty that can work as a small potty (just add silicone liner) or folds flat to fit over any public toilet seat. 


road trip potty

If you're traveling while potty training somewhere like the beach (or camping) , here's a travel potty with a leak-proof seal to contain the mess (whether it's pee or poop)


snack support

Adding fats to the diet are a first-go for helping your toddler poop, as some get constipated when traveling. We love these fruit bars with coconut oil as travel snacks.

How do I time potty training with a vacation coming up?

How do we get back out to the playground after potty training?

We live in a city and typically get around by walking — how do we travel around while potty training?

travel while

potty training 

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