Your Go-To Guide to Nap 
and Night Time Potty Training 


How to time the transition out of the crib with potty training

Does it help to have a toddler bed when your child starts naps diaper-free and overnight potty training? Is it best to time the crib-to-bed move before or after you start potty training at night?  More here


What do you need for
overnight potty training?

Before you ditch the overnight diapers or pull-ups, find out what supplies help prep you for potty training at night.

Stars at Night

How to know when to
drop the night diapers

Are there signs to help you time dropping the night pull-ups? Yes! Tips on timing potty training at night right here


10 tips to set up for

potty training at night

Overnight is a long time to go without a diaper, so what helps set you up for success with overnight potty training? And what are night potty training tips to look ahead to dropping the night diapers? Supplies and tips right here


Consider the pajamas when you start potty training at night

When you're looking ahead to potty training at night time, you want to consider the style of those toddler pajamas. You'll want to say goodbye to onesies and footie pajamas and say hello to separates for overnight potty training. These kid pajamas are one of our favorites (come in many colors). Or nightgowns are another great option for night training. 


How to drop
the nap diapers 

Can you drop the nap diapers but stick with the night diapers? What supplies do you need to set up for dropping the nap diapers? What should your toddler wear to bed? More support right here. 

Oh Crap Potty Training
Night Training Course

Jamie's night training course goes beyond what's in the book, Oh Crap Potty Training, to share ways to set up for overnight potty training success. 

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Night Training YouTube video by Jamie Glowacki

Be sure to check out Jamie's video on Night Training for more support on Oh Crap Potty Training at nighttime. 

Is Overnight Potty Training Really Necessary?

Jamie shares whether you really need to start potty training at night by a certain age and why.

Read on right here

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What if your child keeps asking and asking for the potty at bedtime? 

Jamie shares what you should do if you find yourself caught in a Bedtime Potty Pit with more and more potty tries, pushing back bedtime later and later. 

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What if your child is pooping in nap or nighttime diapers? 

Is it okay if your child is pooping in their nap or night diapers after you start potty training? If you get stuck, she has a complete Pooping Solutions course (here's my affiliate link on discount).

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The Transition from Crib to Bed + Oh Crap Potty Training at Night Time

In this blog post, Jamie talks more about the transition from crib to bed, and if you can overnight potty train while your child is still sleeping in a crib.

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25+ favorite bedtime stories for your toddler...
pssst, overnight potty training tends to look messy when it's tough to get your toddler to settle down for sleep at bedtime (that's a sign that your child's circadian rhythm is off)

bedtime books for toddlers
  1. Why Do I Have to Go to Bed? The frequent question asked by toddlers with some good answers about why we need sleep, where we sleep, and how to prepare for sleep. 

  2. What are Stars? A fun, informative lift-the-flap book about the wonder of stars.

  3. Bear Can't Sleep : Bear's friends try to help him fall asleep in this classic bedtime read. 

  4. Dragon Post : Our most-requested book with pull-out letters to read that add fun to this dragon story. 

  5. I'm Not (Very) Afraid of the Dark : This book is perfect for any kids feeling afraid of the dark, but it's also stunning to look at (the starry sky!) with cool cutouts in the pages. 

  6. Scaredy Squirrel at Night : Scaredy Squirrel's tactics for avoiding bad dreams are sure to bring on some giggles.  

  7. Night Night Busy Town : Bedtime stories with 4 mini books to pull out and read, with tired vehicles settling down for the night. 

  8. Time to Sleep, Sheep the Sheep! : Mo Willems does it again with this cute rhyming book where a cat says goodnight to her friends. 

  9. Night Animals : A cute story about night animals getting scared of each other, until something shines a light on them. 

  10. A Book of Sleep : The beautiful illustrations in this board book, and unusual tips about how animals sleep, make this a bedtime winner. 

  11. Tickle My Ears : This interactive board book invites your toddler to help Little Rabbit get to bed. 

  12. Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late! : This hilarious Mo Willems classic is a must-have for any home library. 

  13. What is the Moon? : A book that answers all the why's about the moon (with a lift-the-flap design.)

  14. Why Should I Brush My Teeth? : Because if you're struggling with the brush the teeth routine, that affects the bedtime routine, too. 

  15. How to Tuck in Your Sleepy Lion : For tired little lions who don't want to go to bed. 

  16. I Will take a Nap! : Naptime refusals can be met with this adorable book. 

  17. The Going to Bed Book : From the author of Moo, Baa, La La La comes this silly book that walks through all the going to bed routines. 

  18. Sleep Like a Tiger : The illustrations in this book are positively dreamy, and the story itself is so sweet. 

  19. The Moon Jumpers : We got hooked on this old book that celebrates the sweet ways children connect with nature. 

  20. Good Night Yoga : A great way to settle down your toddler (and reconnect at the end of the day) is a little children's yoga. 

  21. How to Bathe Your Little DinosaurA playful how-to book on setting up a bath for any dinosaur-lovers. 

  22. Bear Snores On : I never get tired of reading this classic bedtime book, because the writing and word choice is so witty. 

  23. When Your Lion Needs a Bath : Sneaky ways to get an uncooperative lion to take a bath make this book a silly read.  

  24. Bathtime for Little Rabbit : If bathtime is a struggle for your little one, here's an interactive board book where your child gets to help Little Rabbit (especially when he gets water on his face, ah!).

  25. Petra : Petra the rock is so many things in this imaginative book to help your toddler dream of what they'll make believe tomorrow. 

  26. Little Critter's Bedtime Storybook : You get a few separate bedtime reads in one. Our family's favorite has been the Fussy Princess. 

  27. Brush Your Teeth with Snappy Croc : A playful board book to get toddlers more into the pre-bedtime brushing teeth routine. 

  28. Lights-Out Leonard: In this picture book, you learn about a common problem...not liking bedtime because there's clearly a monster hiding in the bedroom, and how Leonard finds a way to sleep again. 

afraid of dark bedtime book