Everything You Need to Know About Toddler Daycare + Potty Training

Of all the potty training problems I hear as an Oh Crap Potty Training consultant, one of the toughest challenges for parents is setting up for potty training at daycare or toddler preschool.


When I'm working with parents about to begin potty training, here are some common worries I hear about daycare or preschool:


There are a thousand possiblities for how things can look depending on your child, the toddler preschool or daycare rules, and how much time you have to work with your child to begin potty training at home first. So here's your go-to guide to potty training with daycare and preschool!

What to do for Potty Training at Toddler Daycare and Preschool

Before your child heads back to toddler daycare or preschool (diaper-free) make sure your little one can push down their pants!

Before Daycare Starts

As you prep for your child being back at toddler daycare as a newly potty trained child, here's how to setup your toddler for daycare (and its bathrooms).

What to Ask

Sometimes toddlers have a mild performance anxiety around using a new bathroom or toilet. You want to be looking for ways to normalize using bathrooms outside your home. 

Seeing Potty Resistance

Golden Reminder for Toddler Daycare

If your child is NOT solid with potty training at home:

Don't have the expectation that your toddler will be instantly solid at daycare.

When there's resistance to using any potty, often toddlers need to first feel comfortable at home BEFORE feeling okay with using daycare's bathrooms. Especially when it comes to potty training and poop anxiety.

Let's Take a Peak Inside Why Potty Training May Not Be Working

It all starts with understanding the toddler brain! 
Check out these episodes from Jamie Glowacki's podcast. Jamie has a new book out, Oh Crap I Have a Toddler that shares how to be a more conscious parent to toddlers, dealing with all the challenging behavior that comes up at this age. 
What we know: When you understand your toddler's behavior, it's easier to prep your child for being back at preschool or toddler daycare, diaper-free

Good Reads for Toddlers in Preschool


“We expect these kids to be so compliant and yet we also underestimate them at every single turn.” - Jamie Glowacki

Your Expectations

Jamie talks about common transitions your child will go through and solutions that help kids through big and small transitions. 

The Big Transition  

“The tricky thing about boundaries is that kids will keep moving them.” - Jamie Glowacki

Setting Boundaries

More resources! Here are blog posts Jamie (author of Oh Crap Potty Training) has shared about potty training at daycare and preschool: 

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Gotta Go, Buffalo

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