Your Ultimate Guide to
Potty Training Pants

The best toddler underwear, cloth training pants, and how to help your toddler with the pants in potty training

1 Simple Reason to Wait on the Toddler Underwear

Before you jump into toddler underwear with your diaper-free child, consider these tips for timing the transition to undies just right.

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The Best Underwear for

Newly Potty Trained Toddlers

Yep, I've got opinions on toddler underwear. The toddler underwear you want to look for are cloth training pants - they are the best! With cloth training pants, there's an extra fabric layer in the front to absorb dribbles. And that's helpful for newly potty trained toddlers and for when you drop the nap and night diapers, too. 


How to Help Your Toddler Conquer the Pants

Tips on how to help your toddler do their pants (in time for a pee!) and what to consider with language.


How to Help Your Child Get Pants Down in Potty Training

Here you'll find tips for helping your child get the pants down fast in potty training, including my trick for avoiding wet spots on the pants with potty training boys. (Below, a peek inside All You Need to Know Before You Start School. Getting dressed in one important skill to know!) 


Problem: Taking Pants All the Way Off All the Time

What if your toddler insists on taking their pants all the way off? Jamie shares what to do.


Parents Magazine Talks to Jamie on the Best Potty Training Pants for Boys + Girls

Jamie shares what to know about potty training pants, what can work better and what not to worry about. 


Jamie Talks to Today's Parent on How to Handle a Potty Regression

Jamie shares what to know if you're suddenly seeing accidents in the pants

Still Stuck

This book makes me laugh each time. The illustrations and text share how getting dressed and undressed can truly get tricky.

Monster's New Undies

Monster needs to find the undies that are just right in this book, and when he does he loves them with all of his heart.

I Can Do It Myself

This cute board book is part of a series to empower your toddler to do things herself, including the important task of getting dressed and picking out clothes.

Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed

Mo Willems does it again with this super cute book that will bring on the giggles.

Polar Bear's Underwear

This amusing book has your toddler guessing who each funny pair of underwear is for, until polar bear finally find the perfect pair for him.

Underpants for Ants

Phonics meets potty training in this rhyming story of chilly ants getting handmade underpants. 

Vegetables in Underwear

Veggies in underwear show off all the kinds of possibilities for underwear, except for baby veggies that are sad to hear they can't wear undies just yet. 

All You Need Before You Start School

This board book is packed with sweet illustrations and engaging text to set your child up for preschool, including what you need to get dressed in the morning. 


A rhyming book about underwear that's sure to make the kiddos laugh. 


Potty Training Q+A with Jamie Glowacki