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Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

Raising an Independent Child:
How to Encourage
Self-Help Skills for Toddlers

As Simone Davies shares in one of my favorite parenting books, The Montessori Child:

"There are many opportunities for our child to learn how to look after themselves as we gradually scaffold their skills so they can do more and more for themselves. They love to master these tasks, including brushing their hair and their teeth,  blowing their nose, and washing their hands."

Independent Activities for Toddlers, Room-By-Room

in the kitchen

Rather than find ways to distract your toddler while you try to do the work in the kitchen, bring your toddler into the kitchen.


Make the task you're doing the activity. Plus supervised knife use helps build autonomy in potty training (the child who feels capable and big acts more independent.)

Image by Bence Balla-Schottner

in the bathroom

Encourage self-initiation with toilet training by setting up your toddler to be independent in the bathroom.


A bar soap is easier for most toddlers to wash hands. Make sure you have a stepstool, a seat reducer for the toilet, and the option of a small potty. 

Nursery Decor

in the bedroom

Podcast: Encouraging

Risk in Play

Jamie talks to Chantel Zimmerman, an educator who now runs the forest school Sensory Garden and Play with more on setting up play to encourage confidence in how to be in different situations. 


Big Play + Heavy Work

Big loop play is important for kids, yet it's going by the wayside. What happens when these systems in the body are underdeveloped. Jamie shares examples of big play for all spaces (apartment or house).

Podcast: It's not the What,

but the Why

Jamie talks to parenting coach Stephanie Sotelo about finding your core *why* values  while looking at everyday routines you can do together with your child.

Podcast: Helping Your Child Learn their Regulation

What if your child resists doing things on their own? Jamie unpacks emotional tension in toddlers and all big feelings that come up. 

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