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8 Unique Gift Ideas for When You're in the Potty Training Zone

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Inside: Here are stylish, handmade gifts that help toddlers learning to potty train.

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I watch as my son carefully slices into a banana on his wooden board, preparing a snack of what we call Power Towers (banana slices stacked together with sunbutter in between).

A few minutes later, I look over and see him with sunbutter smeared on his little cheeks.

He's eating his snack with this proud look, and turns one thumb up to show me his Power Towers taste good. He's so happy that he made it himself.

Potty training falls smack in the middle of the childhood stage where toddlers want to do it ALL by themselves. While a toddler working to put on his shoes in the morning rush out the door can feel nothing short of agonizing to watch (how long can this possibly take?!), the more we set up our little ones to do things on their own, the less pushback we tend to see.

Help your child be more independent, and you're likely to see less power battles.

When I'm working with a mom in a potty training consultation and she shares that her toddler is not going to the potty on his own, not self-initiating, just relying on mom for everything...I ask about how other jobs are done in the house.

Because if you're doing it all for your toddler, doing ALL the steps for the little things around the house, that tends to hamper the self-initiation stage in the potty training process.

What's a simple trick that can help?

Start by giving your toddler more jobs to do.

Small tasks that a toddler can do.

Simple jobs that your toddler will shine at doing all by himself.

Here's an easy place to start — making snack.

Now close your eyes and think on your child's most favorite shirt that makes you think of them stilled at this age. My daughter had a shirt with blue horses all over it that she loved to wear when she was two (it's now been woven into a memory quilt, it was so special.)

Potty training generally gets lumped in with plastic potties and disaster accidents. But guess what else I remember from that phase of motherhood? My child walking around the house in adorable cloth training pants...

I could freeze-frame my mind to the undies that were a daily part of our lives.

That phase of motherhood.

With that thought, these are gifts that celebrate this special stage in your toddler's life.

Gifts that are thoughtfully made.

Gifts that you'd be happy to see day after day in your home.

Gifts that feel good to the touch.

Gifts that help with want-to-do-it-themselves toddlers.

And yes, gifts for anyone entering that potty training stage of life.

Sometimes you want to share a gift wishlist that feels a bit indulgent, but also builds in things that are practical, too.

That perfect mix of thoughtfully-made, stylish, potty training gifts that serve a purpose.

Well, friends, then this is the gift guide for you!

(And anyone you know entering soon into that potty training phase of life with their toddler)..

Here are gifts that bring together style, function, and a little indulgence for those in the potty training phase of life.

person searching computer for gift ideas
Search out unique gift ideas — treat yourself or treat a parent in the potty training zone!

Help Your Toddler Take on Making Snacks.

Here's a safe knife for toddlers to join in on making snacks (another way to help picky eaters is to involve your toddler in the process of preparing foods.)

cloth training pants in alphabet print

Choose undies made to handle some dribbles.

Cloth training pants are especially helpful for dribbles or toddlers starting to sleep diaper-free at nap or nighttime.

Warm up Legs on Cold Potty Training Days.

When you start the bare-bummed days of Oh Crap Potty Training, an easy way to keep those little toddler legs warm is to layer on some leg warmers. I spotted these cute rainbow leg warmers, as who doesn't need a rainbow to brighten their day?

Step on a Stool that Spells their Name.

You can find a stepstool for toddlers anywhere, that is true, but to gift a personalized wood puzzle stool that is sure to help the process along of wanting to step up to wash hands, step up to use that toilet, or step up to see your name in rainbow puzzle letters! It's a special gift idea, maybe one for grandparents looking to be helpful but not knowing what to give.

a patterned zippered wet bag

Store Essentials in a Carry-All Pouch.

Spare pairs of pants, wet clothes, wipes, and more. There are countless reasons why a wet/dry zip pouch becomes the most important carry-all when you start potty training. For something she'll use everyday, why not give her a wet bag in a pretty pattern that feels anything but ordinary.

Make it Easier to Get Dressed in the Morning.

A sweet clothing rack, just at your toddler's level, will make it easy for your little one to reach the clothes she wants to wear. Leave out just a few options. Dressing oneself is an important stepping stone in being successful in potty training, especially when heading back to preschool.

Give Your Toddler a Place at the Counter.

Kids in the kitchen tend to be kids who eat more at the table. But it's pretty tricky to make muffins with a toddler who can't reach the counter. A toddler learning tower is a gift that'll get used for years to come, and helps your toddler take part in the cooking process.

Put Your Child in Charge of the Weather.

Or tracking the weather, that is. Toddlers are notorious for choosing sun dresses in the middle of a winter ice freeze. One easy way to get your child interested in dressing themselves is to set up a home weather chart. You (or Alexa!) can share the weather for the day and then your toddler can proudly change the weather chart (and hopefully match their outfit, if you're lucky.)

So get your gifting on with special finds that celebrate this potty training phase of life.

Maybe soon, you'll even eat a snack prepared by your little one.

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