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Look at Me Sharing Tips on the Huffington Post!

Updated: Mar 7

Inside: Jen L'Italien shares potty training tips on the Huffington Post!

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It's not every day that you find your name featured on The Huffington Post! It was so fun sharing some Oh Crap Potty Training wisdom as part of a piece on potty training tips. If you'd like, you can check out the full story here (and thanks to Dana for including me!).

And I also wanted to add some tips and clarification to the interview, below..

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"Waiting till you're ready"

There are so many bootcamp, magic-trick, reward-based potty training methods out there, which is quite the opposite of what Jamie has developed with Oh Crap Potty Training.

And that's why I love the Oh Crap Potty Training philosophy..

Because it's about the child really learning how to go on the potty.

  • Not just going potty for an M&M or sticker.

  • Not potty training in some arbitrary timeframe of 3 days (since you would never think of boxing your child into a certain number of days for any other milestone.)

Nope, it's about handing the ropes to your child as he/she learns the process.

It's about believing your child is capable of using the potty.

And it starts with simply going diaper-free.

Why is Oh Crap Potty Training (the book) so long? Why are there even potty consultants like me?

Because every child will respond a little differently to being diaper-free after peeing and pooping in a snug diaper since birth.

Sure, there is a magic window when it is SO MUCH EASIER to potty train, because Oh Crap Potty Training essentially focuses on whether the child is capable of potty training. And what does ready even look like?

potty training tips

Trust your intuition

Potty training is one of those parts of parenting that kicks up fear that you'll do it wrong.

It's messy, it's emotional, and it's a very intimate process that you're teaching your child.

And you're dealing with toddlers, who always like to yank their parents' chain when you're invested in them doing anything — from choosing an outfit to eating broccoli.

I like to think that a part of my job is simply helping parents connect back with that inner voice.

Because it's so easy to be overwhelmed by all the parenting messages out there.

So if you've cleared your schedule and have your potty training plan, then trust your instincts.

Thanks again to The Huffington Post for including me as a potty training expert!

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